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The Royal Embassy of Cambodia (in UK)
64 Brondesbury Park
Willesden Green
London NW6 7AT, United Kingdom
Tel. 020-8451 7850 - Fax. 020-8451 7594
E-mail (General enquiries):
E-mail (Visa enquiries):

The Royal Embassy of Cambodia to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Accredited to Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway and Sweden
British Embassy (in Cambodia)
Phnom Penh
27-29 Street 75
Sangkat Srah Chak,
Khan Daun Penh
Switchboard: + 855 (0) 23 427124
Phone: + 855 (0) 23 427124
Fax: + 855 (0) 23 427125
The Specifications of the Kingdom of Cambodia
Travel in Cambodia
  • Traveling to Cambodia is easy. It is advisable to plan your trip a few weeks or months before your departure date.
  • Flights are available via Bangkok via Singapore, via Kuala Lumpur, via Hong Kong or via Saigon.
  • Airline tickets to London can be obtained by your Travel Agents usual. Ticket prices "Round Trip" vary low seasons and peak seasons. These price differences can fill up your budget a week's stay per person in Cambodia.
  • It is possible to visit Cambodia by land stations on the borders of Thailand and Vietnam.
    But such projects depend on the situation in perspective on border security. It is therefore advisable to consult your Embassy for information on this point.
Administrative Formalities (Visa)
  • Passport valid at least six months after the date of return.
  • A visa is required for travel to Cambodia. A Tourist Visa costs about € 20 and is valid for one month, may be extended at the Immigration Department in Phnom Penh.
    It can be obtained from the Cambodian Embassy in your country (in United Kinkdom or in certain countries of europe, you must contact the Royal Embassy of Cambodia in UK) or when you arrive at the International Airport at Pochentong Phnom Penh or Siem Reap.
    It is therefore recommended to have with a photocopy of passport and ID photos.
    Visas are not granted to other border posts.
  • The visa is free for all persons of Cambodian origin.
Sanitary formalities
  • No compulsory vaccination. But the vaccine against typhoid fever are recommended (especially for the elderly and children), however, check before leaving your usual tetanus vaccines, anti hepatic .... are current.
  • Provide a small personal with drugs against potential intestinal problems, a mosquito repellent.
  • At the finish, avoid drinking unboiled water.
Flight connections
Cambodia has two international airports:
1 - Phnom Penh is connected to Bangkok, Saigon, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Vientiane, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
  2 - Siem Reap is connected to Bangkok, Saigon and Shanghai.
  Airport taxes for International Flights
  In Phnom Penh: U.S $ 20 / person
  In Siem Reap: U.S $ 8 / person.
  Airport taxes for Domestic Flights
  In Phnom Penh: U.S $ 10 / person.
  In Siem Reap: U.S $ 4 / person.
  Regional flights are provided:
In Phnom Penh
Bangkok / Phnom-Penh / Bangkok :  Thaï Airways (TG)
Saigon / Phnom-Penh / Saigon : Air Vietnam (VN)
Singapour / Phnom-Penh / Singapour : Silkair (MI),
Kuala-Lumpur / Phnom-Penh / Kuala-Lumpur : Malaysia Airlines (MH)
Vientiane / Phnom-Penh / Vientiane : Lao Aviation (QV)
Hong-Kong / Phnom-Penh / Hong-Kong :
  • Kampuchea Airlines (KT)
  • Dragonair (KA)

  • In Siem Reap
    Bangkok / Siem-Reap / Bangkok : Bangkok Airways (PG)
    Saigon / Siem-Reap / Saigon : Air Vietnam (VN)
    Singapore Airlines operates a daily flight from London to Siem Reap, via Singapore, at a promotional rate of € 692 from February 21 to June 23 (tickets purchased before March 31). Outside these dates: € 826. website:

    ..........................................................Download the map of Siem Reap

    Connections by Waterway
      From Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, there are other means of transport to reach the Angkor Site: "Travel by boat."

    The journey takes about 6 hours, the price of shipment is less than $ 25 per person.
    It is much cheaper compared to air tickets (the ticket price AR is between $ 90 and $ 110 depending on the airline).

    By boat, you will have the opportunity to admire, contemplate the scenery and smell the water of the Mekong, throughout the Great Lake of Tonle Sap is a "granary freshwater fish"

    Discovery Cruise on the Mekong River from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh to Saigon.
    local currency Local currency
      Nationnale currency is the Riel. Exchange rate relatively stable.
    U.S. $ 1 = about 3,900 riel (about). The U.S. Dollar is widely accepted next to the Euro and other foreign currencies that are easily changeable in most hotels, airports and markets.
    In Phnom Penh, and in major cities you can use international credit cards (Visa, Master,..).
    Use of Traveller's Check on a limited

    Cost of Living Cost of Living
      Average price of a meal (usually)         : 3 to 5 dollars US
      Price of meal at the restaurant                : 5 to 10 dollars US
      Price of meal at the luxury restaurant    : more than US $ 15
      Price of a hotel room at nightl             : 12 to 25 dollars US
      Price of a luxury hotel room at night  : more than US $ 50

    Climate and time difference Climate and time difference
      Hot and humid tropical chaud et humide.
    The highest rainfall occurs between mid-June and late September
    The showers can be very strong but bright sunshine follows the rain.
    The temperature varies from 27 to 35 ° C.
    Local Time: GMT + 7 Time difference compared to UK: six hours in winter and 5 hours in summer.
    Example: Winter in London 12:00 ---> 6:00 p.m. in Cambodia
                   Summer In London 12:00 ---> 5:00 p.m. in Cambodia.
    The weather today in Cambodia
    The weather today in Phnom Penh

    Languages spoken
      Official language : khmer
      Chinese, French and English are included in major cities

    pinred.gif (499 octets) Telecommunications
      Country Code: 855, Phnom Penh Code: 023.
    Several mobile phone systems cover the whole country.
      Internet Cafe are in major cities.

    Some hotels References
    In Phnom Penh
    LE ROYAL ...............Tel : 855 23 981 888, Fax : 855 23 981 168
    INTERCONTINENTAL ..Tel : 855 23 424 888, Fax : 855 23 424 885
    ROYAL PHNOM PENH .Tel : 855 23 426 288, Fax : 855 23 426 290
    SOFITEL CAMBODIANATel : 855 23 426 288, Fax : 855 23 426 290 (300€ - 400€)
    JULIANA ..................Tel : 855 23 366 070, Fax : 855 23 366 072
    SUNWAY  ................Tel : 855 23 430 333, Fax : 855 23 430 339
    REGENT PARK  .........Tel : 855 23 722 841, Fax : 855 23 361 999
    SHARATON ..............Tel : 855 23 360 395, Fax : 855 23 361 199

    In Siem Reap

    Hotel Phnom Bok, The well-equipped rooms, the quiet, warm hospitality and assistance to facilitate your stay in Siem Reap in the region of Angkor Wat.
    Language spoken: French, Khmer, English and German
    Fares range from
    $ 10 (room overlooking the road, fan, no breakfast.)
    $ 25 (room overlooking the garden, with breakfast).

    GRAND HOTEL D’ANGKOR ...Tel : 855 (0)63 963 888, Fax : 855 63 963 168 (300€ - 400€)
    ANGKOR VILLAGE .............Tel : 855 (0)63 916 048, Fax : 855 63 380 104
    ANGKOR HOTEL ...............Tel : 855 (0)63 964 301, Fax : 855 63 964 302
    ANGKOR KOK THLOK  ........Tel : 855 (0)63 380 200, Fax : 855 63 380 022
    VICTORIA ANGKOR HOTEL ..Tel: 855 (0) 63 760.428. In France :33 (0)
            (Double rooms from € 170, Customized tours)
    La Résidence d'ANGKOR, .....Tel. 855. (0).63.963.390
            (At the same comfort and the same price as Victoria Angkor Hotel. )

    Clothing and Luggage Clothing and Luggage
      Bring summer clothes in cotton, a raincoat, a sweater for air-conditioned hotels, walking shoes and a hat and sunglasses, a camera or pictures (and) a video camera for not have regrets later.
    For there are many wonderful things that can surprise you.

      Avoid bulky luggage because you are allowed to register only 10 pounds on domestic flights.

    Eating out Eating out
      Le Barrio (Patrick Colemphier) 7, Sivutha St. (Tel: 063.963.397).

      Restaurant Sophea and (Mathieu Ravaux), Opposite Angkor Wat (Tel: 012.95.301).

      Angkor Café, opposite Angkor Wat.
    The restaurant of Jean-Pierre Martial, creator of the Building Schools and the Village of silk..

    Buy Buy
      Silk village (15 km from Siem Reap) and the craftsmen of Angkor (Tonle Sap Lake Road).
    Nice shops, as the Siem Reap airport store.
    "Orange River", Angkor, Pokambor Avenue. And also the old and the new market.

    various Various
      Electricity: 110 & 220 voltage, provide an adapter.

      For purchases: the markets are full of treasures, embroidered fabrics, silk, silver objects, basketry, semi-precious stones, carvings in stone or wood, paintings ...

      You will have to complete a declaration upon arrival at customs.

      Remember to develop your photos of memories there, the price is much cheaper compared to that in UK or in Europe (the difference can be up to threefold).

      Some mobile phone subscribers in France or Europe can be used in Cambodia (check with your usual supplier for conditions of your plans and pricing of call transfers).

      Telecommunications networks are also available in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and other tourist cities (prepaid phone cards for laptops valued at $ 10 or $ 20, internet, email, fax ... etc..)
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